Do Action Figures Increase in Value? It Depends…

The Age-Old Question: Do Action Figures Increase in Value?

That’s the million-dollar question, or rather, the million-dollar toy question!

The answer is, yes and no. It really depends on the action figure in question. Just like real estate or stocks, not all action figures are created equal when it comes to their potential for appreciation.

Let’s start with the “yes” part of the answer.

Some action figures can become highly sought after by collectors and can appreciate significantly in value over time. Take for example, the original 1977 Star Wars action figures. The average price of a Star Wars action figure from that year is now around $300 to $500. That’s a pretty impressive return on investment if you consider that they originally sold for just a few dollars.

Another great example is the highly coveted G.I. Joe figures from the 1980s. Some of these figures can sell for thousands of dollars, especially the rarer ones with special features like 1974 kung fu grip or talking capability.

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But it’s not just old-school action figures that can be worth a fortune.

Modern figures can also increase in value, especially if they’re tied to popular franchises or limited edition releases. For example, the Fortnite Black Knight figure released in 2019 sold out almost immediately and can now sell for over $1,000.

Now for the “no” part of the answer.

Not all action figures will increase in value. In fact, many action figures that were popular in their day can be worth next to nothing today. It’s all about supply and demand. If there are too many of a particular figure, the market becomes flooded and the value decreases.

So, the bottom line is, action figures can indeed increase in value, but it’s important to do your research and understand the market before making any investments. It’s always wise to buy what you love and not just what you think will be worth money in the future. And remember, the most valuable aspect of any action figure is the memories and enjoyment they bring to your life.

So, go out there and collect with joy!

Think you have an action figure that may be worth something? Let us know!