Masters of the Universe Origins Figures by Mattel

Here are the latest updates on the Masters of the Universe Origins action figures by Mattel, each designed to somewhat resemble The Original series. Each figure comes in vintage-style packaging, paired with a mini-comic, and can be taken apart for the ultimate fun experience. The Motu Wave 1 figures will be available at Wal-mart in the Fall of 2020. After their release hits Wal-Mart, figures should be available at other retailers sometime in 2021. If you’re in Germany, you’re in luck! Select figures are now available on!

Mattel has also recently revealed the Masters of the Universe Origins packaging.

MOTU Origins He-Man Figure

MOTU Origins Skeletor Figure

MOTU Origins Teela Figure

MOTU Origins Evil-Lyn Figure

MOTU Origins Beast Man Figure

MOTU Origins Sky Sled with Vintage Prince Adam

MOTU Origins Man-At-Arms Figure

MOTU Origins Man-at-Arms Figure

MOTU Origins Scare Glow Figure

MOTU Origins Orko Figure

MOTU Origins Man-E-Faces

MOTU Origins Trap Jaw

MOTU Origins Trap Jaw

MOTU Origins Battle Cat Figure