Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Set of Three Action Figures by N.E.C.A.

A literal BLAST from the past! The Terminator 2 Tribute set of 3 action figures are dedicated to the classic Kenner Terminator 2 toys of the early 1990s! The design team at N.E.C.A. has gone to work and transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions, with a bit more detail and fuller articulation.

Power Arm T-800 features a detailed weapons arm with an interchangeable missile launcher and grabbing claw attachments.

White Hot T-1000 changes color when dunked in water, just like the original version!

Metal Mash Endoskeleton features working pistons and comes with a plasma rifle accessory.

Each figure stands approximately 7″ tall and is fully articulated. Clamshell packaging.

Product Features

  • 7 inch (17.78cm) scale

Box Contents

  • Power Arm T-800 figure
    • Machine gun
    • Missile launcher
  • White Hot T-1000 
    • Pistol
    • Blade hands
  • Metal Mash Endoskeleton
    • Machine gun

Pre-order available at BigBadToyStore for $62.99 and estimated to arrive in the 3rd quarter of 2020.